I found you hidden in a sad song,
got deep inside your soul and felt even more alone.
You could never lie about everything I saw behind your eyes,
but is this really you or just me reflected in a blue?

Today, the sunrise made the sky so bright
and I know you won't mind if the stars don't shine.
I can see you walking in the dark.
The cold dries your heart
and, again, you're fine.

Do you know where you’re going to?
Don't need to answer though.
You say more when you kiss me.
I feel more when I miss you.
And this music will never stop playing.

Dissolved in melody,
I reconstructed your image from burning memories.
If I'm pure, you're clear.
Transparent potential suffocated by fear.
Ambiguous, you hide, behind a young face,
a brave power generated in another place.
Don't let it go, don't let me go.
Keep it in your mind
and don't let it die all inside.

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