(...) But according to Buddha there is also 'right intention'. In order to see what this is, we first must understand what Buddha meant by 'right.' He did not mean to say right as opposed to wrong at all. He said 'right' meaning 'what is,' being right without a concept of what is right. 'Right' translates the Sanskrit samyak, which means 'complete.' Completeness needs no relative help, no support through comparison; it is self sufficient. Samyak means seeing life as it is without crutches, straightforwardly. In a bar one says, 'I would like a straight drink.' Not diluted with club soda or water; you just have it straight. That is samyak. No dilutions, no concoctions - just a straight drink. Buddha realized that life could be potent and delicious, positive and creative, and he realized that you do not need any concoctions with which to mix it. Life is a straight drink - hot pleasure, hot pain, straightforward, one hundred percent.

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