Who knows, who cares

- Aren't you afraid of dying?
- Why be afraid?
- You won't exist.
- So?
- That doesn't terrify you?
- Who thinks about such nonsense? I'm alive. When I'm dead, I'll be dead.
- Aren't you frightened?
- Of what? I'll be unconscious.
- I know, but never to exist again?
- How do you know?
- It doesn't look promising.
- Who knows what'll be? I'll either be unconscious, or I won't. If not, I'll deal with it then. I'm not gonna worry now.

- Mom, come out.
- Of course there's a God, you idiot. You don't believe in God?
- Then why is there so much evil in the world? On a simple level, why were there Nazis?
- Tell him, Max.
- How the hell do I know? I don't know how the can opener works.

(Hanna e suas irmãs, 1986)

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