Clarah deu a fita e eu dei a busca no google. O resultado é este punk-rockzinho:

Broken Hearts & Questionmarks

broken glass - fleshy wounds
on the floor - under you
give it back - if you can!
fan the flame again if you're a man !

you break my heart - I break your nose
this is sick love & that's how it goes
conceal what everybody knows
I broke your heart you broke my nose

Don't - don't break my heart tonight
if you tend to give it back!
Don't break my heart tonight
or I will break your neck !

sick & tired - all alone
cheap regrets - on the phone
black & white - bride & groom
phase: post-fight - bloody doom

broken ribs - each one desire
she's a whore & he's a liar
see what you planned & what it got
go & take love & ram it up your butt

we - we love each other violently
communicate so silently
remain with nothing but maudlin frowns
and questionmarks - yes, and broken hearts
whoa, whoa, whoa!

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